Nocturna League (Episode 4: The Record of Ambition)

Nocturna League (Episode 4: The Record of Ambition)
Step back in time to peer over the shoulders of Colette and Grancis before they met The Captain and his swashbuckling crew. Secrets will be revealed, and horrors will be encountered.

In Nocturna League's very first flashback episode we'll meet Colette, a strong, foolhardy, slightly crazy lass with a will of steel. She lives a comfortable life of fishing and rough-housing with the help of her gentle assistant/best friend Grancis, but once a raider attack leaves Colette clawing for the revenge of her mother's supposed death, she knocks on all the wrong doors and breaks all the wrong faces.

After a string of bad decisions, she finds herself at the throne of her land's overlord, who presents her with a wager, one that if she does not take, will mean the end of her life. She agrees: in one year, she'll be back to duel with him, and if she loses, she'll become one of his dark brides, doomed to a life of servitude and sadness. As outrageously-handsome the overlord is, she is in no way interested in tying herself down at the fingers of the man who killed her mother. Pulling along a reserved Grancis, the two go in search of a teacher who can train her to take on the powerful spell-slinging overlord.

They will traverse dimensions, meet terrible people, almost get killed several times, and get tied up with the craziest eldritch crew this side of The Eversea.

Within this juicy adventure you will learn of the answers to all sorts of ultra-underground, high-class secrets like:
-Why does The Captain call Colette Pastry names?
-Just how good a fisherwoman is Colette, really?
-Is "The Captain" really a name?
-Just how did Colette and Grancis get to The Eversea?
-Can Boris break through pure steel shackles?
And of course, the one we've all been wondering for years:
-Just what lurks below within the sewers of Wreckwind Port?

Learn answers to these questions and more! Download Nocturna League: The Record of Ambition, today and embrace the most robust thrills and chills of semi-lovecraftian dark humor and horror!

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Details Nocturna League (Episode 4: The Record of Ambition)

Title Nocturna League (Episode 4: The Record of Ambition)
AuthorKell Inkston
Release Date31st Mar 2016
PublisherKell Inkston
FormatKindle eBook
Pages84 pages

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